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Amsterdam ~The Day of Light~
is a Japanese Techno Artist from the Shinagawa Area. The Band 2 members consists of SI TIAN / DJ GEM both U.S. students raised in New Jersey. Live shows performed mainly in Metro-line Roppongi / TOKYO location for the Party Crew.

Gaining more support through out the years of the rapper's music career, but within these past 10 years, many international fans have yet to discover the reality of International innovation & movementality in the Arts of Asian English History. Not much media exposure has been revealed in Japan TV, concerning Oriental Culture in Tokyo.

Yet new age minorities are motivated about releasing Hip-Hop music online with diverse arts & language in Japan.

On WestSide Episode - 2004
DYP vs Cricket / East Asia's 1st anti-Nationality battle exploded on the net. GEM known as Cricket got BASHED !! Because of the Korea vs. Japan issue the colors were completely seperated by territory.
After the Jin MC debut in 2005, International Club rap in Asia took off.
Japan's Gaijin Party scene was a growth for culture in Tokyo's English.
"Gemini" was the key word for many Bilingual kids attempting for Modelling English Hip-Hop Art in Tokyo.

The NET.rap became a "fake passage" for Students to connect with Urban Artists for illegal purposes !
BE Aware !:: Scam & Harassments in the clubs for fooling amaeteurs kids




・Latest Album Information
8/2008 EP ”Friction of Life "@ itunes now !
9/2010 TOKYO Nights Summer promo MV.
2/2012 LP "International Flava " CD out.
7/2018 Youtube [ Japan HP Official ] ◇
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