Supernova "Monmster Rock Band" towards the world from Asia Japan.

r h i v s (JP)
獨一無二的世界觀與聲響、彷彿是將所見之物個別描繪成影像世界覺醒般,這一句話可以說是rhivs現場表演的最佳寫照。受到不少主流以及地下樂團的樂手支持,並且造成影響力,並且在這次WE KNOWS的活動中擔任企劃,是這次活動主辦核心樂團。

beautiful but transient, ugly but precious...
that could be ’lust' and that could be ' existence'

roaming over the chaos, seeking for the answer that have never found
wanna you to feel the world that rhivs creates,
though that may eat into you.

rhivs is beautiful poison
the beautiful world that is found out through the poison

mysterious Asia continent, Japan.

Recently, though many Japanese athletes and artists are standing out, Japan is
in the low standard among ROCK, that is such a unique genre.
Rock in Japan has no soul, as many artists would valuate.
I wanna let you know 'rhivs' ,the band, that appears in Japanese indies, never
flow by fashion and has strong faith.


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