In biological terms, Nyctinasty means the nastic rhythmic movement of plants in response to the onset of darkness.

The current incarnation of the band was formed back in 2006. Playing in the underground circuit for quite a while for around 3 years already, Nyctinasty's Noodle Perez and Pat Garcia recruited then "Hidden Nikki" drummer Nikki Cuna to play drums for them. Shortly thereafter, they were able to convince their friend Levi to play the bass.

Today, you'd usually find them playing gigs everywhere. The have played in most of the biggest music events that one could ever hope to be part of in the Manila music circuit; and all that with an album still in the works.

Their much anticipated first album Camping Indoors, scheduled to be released SOON, will feature 11 riff-heavy, passion-filled, eargasmic tunes that span their wide, even eclectic, influences.

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