My Awful Memories Expressed The Answers の歌詞
2007年6月13日 INHALE
「My Awful Memories Expressed The Answers」

I wanted to meet u. And take you up my arms.
I wanted to protect your small hand. But I can’t even touch u. So, this song is for you.

You still exist within me. I’ll never forget that you were there.
I’ll try to get over an ordeal. I’ll get a glorification for you.
You still exist within me. You always treasure of my heart.
You still exist within me. You always be the key of my heart.

I’m walking alone looking for the answer up and down left and right nothing there all a dark night mare.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

you couldn’t see the sun light and this blue sky.
I’m thinking of you every day and night.
we can meet in the future so, rest in heaven right now.

Over coming the sadness days of my life helped open my eyes and find myself in the darkest nights and I always believe that I will see you again.
what god want to tell me by this shity hell but, I will know what it is for in the future. so I’m gonna bring joy to you.