2006年10月03日 DYP
_______2000's COMMUNITY_______

After my college graduation,
I really wanted to persue a rap crew.
I worked in JAPAN from 2004,
I didn't session & record for Rap until I
met Lone Star from Liquid Camp.
I met my new City Friends on Magazine blogs.

Or should I say its a big trend in Asia?
We all knew each other from College Blogs.
Mike & I got into Rec. @ Tamachi Studio.

Tokyo Dinner was International...
Even Xanga girls were in Japan too.
I was so Shocked...
The Era shifted into Coffee Tea dating &
USA Burgers. J- Boyz is Old History!

It was the New Era 2000's.
Coffee BFF & English BBQ standby BARS.
An English Community for Global Business.

2006, Beginning of RAP...
① CANADA / TOKYO Connect
The New Age AUDIO ART & Designs.
Dinner Party's in the Subway Train City.

LIQUID CAMP (NYC) Let's Go !! Go !!