2006年2月07日 staff
windmilk is a active band, working its career having Tokyo as a foothold.
The wind sound and characteristic melody of windmilk brings, not just Japanese-music music funs, people listens to western-music. The sound and performance on stage has gain the band wide range of fans.
windmilk has released three self-produced sound-media, which has made remarkable achievement of around 4000 CD sells on stage and mail-orders, and has been sold out completely.
As windmilk gained interest and attractions from media and music-scenes, they are releasing their first album ‘Waiting for something new’ on February, 2006.
the music during 80s and 90s, simple but strong grunge-rock. Three piece band pushing its power-character with remarkable melody lines, windmilk. With the taste of Nirvana, and respect delicate and artistic RadioHead.