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2011年10月20日 yuji
「roll over post rockers , so what newgazers」

2011.11.16 ON SALE from "kilk records"

ゲストとして青木裕(downy / unkie)、森大地(Aureole / kilk records主宰)、cuushe、Ferri、Lööfなどが参加!

【TOWER RECORDS】http://tower.jp/item/2948804/roll-over-post-rockers,-so-what-newgazers

1. 60 seconds feat.meme(deaf), alex keleher(wooden wives)
2. people get way
3. rivals on revival feat.cuushe
4. vicinity feat. Loof
5. things awaking me(version)
6. is feat. yutaka aoki (unkie , downy) , daichi mori(aureole)
7. love and rain feat. ferri
8. columbus egg
9. handling after the opening feat.chiyo(kottur)
10. the highest style
11. try not to touch the hand feat.daichi mori(aureole)
12. wonderlust
13. work on Sunday