Smashing Mag Review
2005年8月19日 Wing Meng
"The best things in life are free they say, but you certainly could add to that also applies to matters which are wholly unforeseen and sweetly pleasing which is exactly what happens upon listening to Malaysia’s Love Me Butch 2nd album This Is The New Pop. Impressively self-produced, this foursome from Selangor have crafted a 10-stepped crunching sonic assault that pulls from past and current alternative heavyweights while still keeping it Opening with the racing, gear-shifting punching "Reconcile," Love Me Butch fly off the starting line and keep the balance between accelerations and braking, maneuvering through their replete stock of hairpin turns, steep climbs and descents as well as those speedy open straight-aways, clocking in just under 45 minutes. Together, Wing Meng (guitars), Kevin Kong (bass), Sukhwinder Singh (drums) and Syarul Reza (vocals) show both a cohesion and range that’s long been encapsulated by seasoned veterans System Of A Down and Killswitch Engage as well as blazing newcomers My Chemical Romance.

In short, Love Me Butch’s focused procession of channeled aggression and steely resolve holds you firmly in their grasp that surely only intensifies in its live format. Reza’s ability to scream and howl with the finest in addition to lightly glide in the various time-changing moments, allows breathing room for Meng’s guitar to cut effectively as Kong’s bass and Singh’s drums anchor it all without restraint as can be felt particularly between the seamless link of "Dream Of My Own" and "Fortress Of A Million." The final turn and lap into the reflective, self-disclosing jangling quiet closer of "Living In Disguise" gives further proof that Love Me Butch are keen to reveal themselves, determined to boldly travel the world."